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the world's second-largest economy with steady growth and a 12% increase in spending. -- in defense spending. also coming up for you this hour on "france 24," just 100 days to go until the football world cup in brazil. but things there are far behind schedule. we will take a closer look to see just if it will all be ready on time. and karl lagerfeld gives his latest show a very commercial twist just returning paris' cash crunch into l.a. into a giant chanel market. latest on the ukraine -- the head of the european union executive arm says that the ee was ready to provide ukraine with $11 million -- 11 billion euros in aid, made up of loans and grants in the coming years. it comes as there has been a flurry of diplomatic maneuvering on ukraine throughout europe today. the russian foreign minister was in spain first this morning for talks. speaking in madrid, he repeated russia's assertion that armed men deployed in the eastern ukrainian region of crimea are not russian forces. >> we believe that the problem in ukraine comes from the international community's lack of reaction. it failed to fin
dispute processes that are based on decisions on the merits and not technical defenses. there was a great burst of activity in the american community. the national gallery, nancy returned a piece of art, which they found which was well-known, at the chicago art institute, and others. but then what happened is, after a terrific momentum creating a search engine, so a claimant wouldn't have to go to one or different museums in the united states, they could buy one going into we go to all 100 museums. all of this was done, christie's and sotheby's established and still have full-time employees who look for any suspect art, and i was in any given year a dozen are returned and won't be sold. but here's what happened, and it's a shame. is that momentum was lost. the leadership of the u.s. show really began to dissipate, and the museums overtime started to assert technical defenses when claims were made like, for example, the statute of limitations has run. they even preemptively filed injunction suits to prevent claims before they were made. they said they did it after researching it themselves
, was to enhance the defense of our military facilities because they are constantly receiving threats, and we were aware of the armed nationalists moving in. now, russia has well-trained, well-equipped, now additional 16,000 or more, and vladimir putin was worried about enhancing the defense of his military facilities because they were constantly receiving threats. there is something i'd like to stress, however, he goes on to say. obviously, what i am going to say now is not within my authority, and we do not intend to interfere. however, we firmly believe that all citizens of ukraine, i repeat, wherever they live should be given the same equal right to participate in the life of their country in determining its future. my friends, we are seeing justification for intervention and serious intervention in eastern ukraine. so he goes on to further questions, and then he goes on to take a shot at the united states, saying our partners, especially in the united states, always clearly formulate their own geopolitical and state interests and follow them with persistence, then using the principle -- quote
by russia's defense minister who said it has nothing to do with ukraine. it's russia's forces going through an u unannounced test, basically making sure that the army, the navy, and the air force can react to any perceived threats as quickly as they should be able to. now they did say that the black sea fleet, which is based in crimea in ukraine is being adequately protected, and the fleet is being bumped up a bit, which is probably what you would expect for any country with overseas military assets near a country going through a revolution at the moment. although they have said that the military drills have nothing to do with what is going on in ukraine, there are probably people who are very high up in the defense ministry and russian government as well who are thinking that reminding russia's neighbors and it's rivals of russian military might at a time when it's influence in central and eastern europe has taken a big dent recently is certainly no bad to do from a russian geopolitical perspective. >> getlet's go to tim friend who has the latest from kiev. we understand that it's a novel
't you. i do. we did. ch the eye sells. steve. when you read the us. one wall will or will . self defense groups in ukraine's crimea as it relates to a main apple and if he is the country's new authorities which they refuse to recognize per cent in on the pre gay. meanwhile the council at some of ukraine's west this is his right wing radicals were pieced it is on display the change of the government he's a scant six to us at that hour. also this not a war among us buying and the abundance of china condemned as america's human rights record. sony washington's fading to me about this i was stunned. let soften the quote of the year of struggles to deal with all the time has just written remains of houses across the continent. auntie. with a the prayer. i know. he's been like for months says i seem to manage with me he missed out on a bad luck to the park ukraine's in brussels president of the to get a call that she is now in the south of russia and is expected in the next few minutes to get his five news conference since being ousted from power. and i will be bringing anti line neo internati
need to keep our defenses up. in an unstable world we do need to keep up our defenses, that is right. that is why this country is investing in some very sophisticated military projects for the future. as twotain the spending percent of our gdp on defense. i do feel that many nato countries have or do stood up theirending -- reduced defense spending. we are one of the few countries that maintains the two percent spending on gdp. eightare countries across -- across nativity to reevaluate the defense spending. >> a partnership between ukraine and nato assigned. declaration did complement the charter that was signed. if you -- if possible nato involvement is ruled out, then are the signatures worth the paper they are written on? -ukraine commission has met on the back of those agreements. there will be further nato agreements -- meetings. we are clear in this house. that we are not planning another crimea war. i am not sure what the member is advocating that nato should do, in addition to the diplomatic moves we have made through nato. those agreements with ukraine are important but they
the ports. and today, they took over two strategic defense areas, defense missile systems. it appears now they control just about everything. well, overnight, united states time, my crew and i flew down to crimea to get a look on the ground and we'll begin where we landed. we arrived at the airport midday. and everything seemed pretty normal. nobody bothering you, nobody asking questions, nobody staring you down in any strange way. the weather much better here than in the north. and then, over here at this gate that leads out of the airport, a man who professes to be a local from simferopol who is volunteering, with volunteer equipment, things that belong to himself, but one difference you might notice here, see the brand-new scotch tape on the fence post here holding up what is a brand-new russian flag. the changes are subtle. they are not in any way oppressive. but they're here. >> i saw the victims for the first time in my life and i was scared. >> she grew up here. last week when the russians arrived, she was frightened. >> i thought that it was the beginning of maybe war and an expec
to reinforce their defenses. many here would like to see authorities doing more to help. >> we are up to 200 ft. huns of sand that the local community has sourced themselves from donations. all the volunteers here have bagged and delivered by ourselves. we must be in the region of 7000, 8000 sandbags that we have filled ourselves and delivered. >> he has been coordinating forest defense efforts for weeks . he is backed up by volunteers from the immediate vicinity and from further afield. willing helpers have come from aid organizations in london and birmingham. >> we are countrymen, and as countrymen, we must stand shoulder to shoulder, and i'm proud to say that's exactly what has happened here. >> we work very closely and have built up a good friendship. i will be sad to see him go. >> very sad times. >> even when the volunteers have gone, the people of somerset will continue their efforts. they have launched an initiative collecting money for river dredging. they want to raise almost 5 million euros in the hope that this flood will be their last. >> it was only 20 years ago that war was wagin
there are russian defense forces. kerry was god smacked. nbc's andrea mitchell told him putin said that. putin says there's an illegitimate government here in kiev. kerry says how can it be illegitimate when the parliament approved this government? putin says there are ant anti-semantic running in kiev. kerry says, i drove through kiev, i walked through kiev, how can that be the case, mr. putin? but let's look at the positive side of things. progress, kerry is going to be speaking to lavrov. nato and the russians will be speaking, as well. it's sluggish, but there is a ministerial level conversation going on. the russians maybe, despite mr. putin's comments about the illegitimatesy of this government, there was some progress there. but the hard proof is there are russian forces or pro russian forces, whatever you want to call it, on ukraine territory. talking about putin's speech yesterday, this is hard lined. it says the confessions of a mad adegreeson with a caricature of mr. putin. a humanitarian mission? and then we have a third bun referring to those shots and pictures of unarmed ukrainian air
be linked to what has been going on in ukraine. now the defense minister has said this has nothing to do with what is going on in ukraine. but two of the four military districts are going to be going on several days worth of military drills. now what essentially this amounts to is a testing of the military readiness of those particular districts. it involves some 150,000 armed personnel. it includes some of the baltic naval fleet and includes some of the air force as well. the defense minister says this has been taking place near some of russia's borders, but again, specifically saying this has nothing to do with what is going on in this the yukraine. now although there has been that statement, i think it is probably going through the minds of many people of the russian government that holding military drills at this moment, reminding russian's rivals of russian military might at a time when russia's prestige and influence in central and eastern kru krurp -- europe certainly wouldn't be a bad thing to do. >> rory thank you very much indeed. right now there appear to be two centers to the
been increasing military maneuvers it's based on the korean peninsula. that prompted nato defense ministers meeting in brussels to issue a stern warning to moscow now ukraine's new prime minister i say me get things set me up says he's focusing on the political solution urging russia to cooperate with ukraine. this is the man whose task it is to lead ukraine autobots crisis. pro european politician are singing gets a new parliament confirmed him as a new prime minister by a nearly unanimous margin. on the night and gets a new show himself to be a tough advocate of afro european courts. something he plans to stick it in his new office to show them so the new european integration as the central topic of the ukrainian government. it means visa free travel for ukrainian citizens. that means an agreement with the eu on political and economic integration with the free trade agreement. yet singles is only thirty nine years old but he's already served as parliamentary speaker. economics minister and foreign minister maliki faces gigantic problems political instability and billions in tax
, the defense chief. >> because of our correct tactics and our people refusal to surrender. ththe blitz by putin has failed. >> another shrine to those gunned down on the alleged orders of former president viktor yanukovych. tim friend, al jazeera, kiev. >> the unfolding events in ukraine and russia are been playing out on tv screens across the globe. but according to many media analysts some of the reports in russia are anti-ukraine propaganda. >> reporter: the world according to the kremlin played out each night on news broadcasts with a familiar loop on the sound track. the leadership of ukraine's interim government is made up of you will from a national fascists, near nazis and radicals from the west near bent on corruption. >> what the public sees is the picture in which fascist gangs seized tower in kiev. they are dangerous. they are jeopardized the livelihood of hours, russian speakers, compatriots, you however it is put, and russia is coming to save these people. >> reporter: in my opinion the blood spilt in kiev are on the hands of western politician who is are coming to mee
our defense and cutting the army to the smallest we have had since world war ii. with uic americans who want our country to be engaged in events beyond our borders. i see americans who want an internationalist foreign policy. i see americans who want our country to stand with israel and our other partners. i see americans who are willing to spend their hard-earned tax dollars on effective foreign assistance and to strengthen the greatest military the world has ever known. i see here today americans who want america to lead. i have been around a long time. since the coolidge administration. you i have never seen this world in need of strong american readership than it is today. of these the events negotiations with iran which i hope to succeed but i doubt, when i see the slaughter in syria, when i see the chinese inserting themselves in asia, when i see significant cuts in foreign aid and also in our defense budget, i'm worried. my final word to you my dear and beloved friends, america -- israel needs you more today than ever before. thank you and god bless. [applause] >> senator jo
with them. some of these candidacies were hrown out. so it means the minister of defense is a professional military man. e was supported by the people, and he is respected in the rmy. in the security, supporters from the opposition, his candidacy is supported by the people. and he used to be the chief of ecurity during a time. and the minister of the nterior. so people demonstrated their support, their full support in the ministry. they got those who were professional people. we count on that. the second question is very painful for me, because i don't want to think about any kind of military development around the settlement of the question. but i think -- i think we are strong enough to defend ourselves. we have a strong feeling, we have a spiritual feeling that we are right in what we are doing. >> can you talk about the resolution invoking the international criminal court? did this come up, and also the request to extradite mr. yanukovych back? what are the status of those actions? >> you can find the experts on how this works. well, it's not so easy to move directly. o what do we have
.s. government money at all in that panel so that these disputes could be done without the technical defenses. i am sad to say that after the passage of 50 years of the event revived it through the washington principles that we have really fallen back, stagnated and we need to get back into fulfilling what the monument data. that would be the attribute to the monument is to get back to where we were then. >> what is the committee doing and can you make it short please? ddmac i would respectfully disagree and i just thought we needed a commission in the united states and those that are set up in your car for a totally different category that were recovered after the war and were known to have some kind of issue and in the custody of those countries. the objects in the american collection are hereby happenstance and what the community has done since the conference, which the ambassador was so instrumental in is adopting these guidelines for the research publications that they are misleadingly simple guidelines into the research for it sample in the museum this specific research into the world war
related to this story. for example, earlier today, secretary of defense chuck hagel spoke regarding the situation in ukraine. here's a bit of what he had to say. >> also this morning pursuing measures to support the allies including stepping up joint training, aviation detachment in poland, and it's an area that i visited a few weeks ago. and augmenting our discussion of n.a.t.o. policing. >> they are sending a mission of 35 military personnel to ukraine. the unarmed troops come from 18 different countries. they're currently on their way to odessa in southern ukraine. the mission was requested by pro-western authorities in kiev. that's scheduled to last until march 12th. >>> social media has played a huge role in the crisis of ukraine from government officials and traditional press to the protesters themselves. twitter, facebook and other social media is being used to talk about it, and in some cases propel and move forward the rapidly changing events. photos and videos are being posted online for the world to see. take a look at this from catarina, a 22-year-old ukrainian activist,
. it prohibits economic coercion. to the guarantors required come to your defense? unfortunately, in history the russian federation tried to suppress us with economic tools. we use the arguments of these agreements. it did not work. the europeanday, states,, united the guarantors -- they are ready to provide assistance and financial systems. your first question -- we have had no clear answer for my statement. long beforeppeared the duma took the positions of today. this action has been prepared long before. it was a well-prepared action. why my feeling and position is that the provisions of the charter, the mechanisms and principles of the security council were violated severely. they destroyed the to demonstrate while the -- without any consultations with anybody. -- itecided to protect was a mistake in the statement of one of the colleagues. the decision was taken not to protect the at make russians but the russian speaking population. if you speak russian, you are to be protected by the russian federation. >> because the deputy harry secretary says this is the time you wereeads, calm, ask
and defense secretary said he is beefing up a training mission and adding an air patrol mission. lawmakers are going tit for tat. that would confiscate assets if they slap sanctions on russia. they could vote on a non-binding sanction resolution. for now the west is more focused on economic aid to the ukraine. promising $15 billion in trade and economic and technical assistance. the u.s. and britain agreed in principal to deploy international observers to ukraine. the idea is to ease concerns after president putin indicated he was worried about those in ukraine. an excuse very few in washington are buying. >> we don't accept anything that president putin said as fact about why they had to protect the so-called ethnic minority in crimea. the other reasons that the russians have laid out as to why they took the action they did. >> joining me now foreign affairs reporter from paris is traveling with secretary kerry and as well joined by the chief national security correspondent. to you first. we know that kerry has spoken to russia's foreign minster. do we have any details about that meeting
federal position was at the defense department. i know you have not been at dhs long, but i'm sure you have noticed that the level of command and control to what you may have become uh cuss -- accustomed to is not at dhs. you experienced potentially damaging results of the structural defect. the fact that an acquisition solicitation was significant privacy implication was published without approval by dhs or the awareness of ice leadership is very troubling. your immediate predecessor promoted the concept of one dhs, one structural changes that persist to when 22 independent officers and agencies were essentially thrown together under one roof. as you have undoubtedly learned by now, dhs components essentially function as independent entities. all too often components see directors from headquarters as advisory. this has to stop. for one dhs to truly have meaning components must adhere to department-wide policies and mandates and i appreciate your position when the chairman and i had a meeting with you that you basically committed to making that happen as well as making sure that the v
." the press secretary to the defense security. democratic line. mark inmove on to michigan. serious things to talk about. independent line. caller: good morning. good morning america. you know what is going on in ukraine? chris explains it very well. there is a mass extinction underway. the wealthiest of our societies around the world have taken over government, they have taken over military, and in order to slow down this, they are eradicating poverty. host: thank you for the call. some photographs yesterday -- this is from crimea. some of those russian flags appearing. crimea accounts for 10% of the total land mass of ukraine. a country over 40 million people. mitch joins us from tennessee. good morning. caller: hello? host: you are on their. -- the air. caller: putin is afraid of what is happening in crimea and what will happen in his country. there is going to be a civil war there. he does not want this to happen in his country, because then he will be live on tv, killing protesters. it will be a big mess. that is already what is happening in crimea. he is just afraid that if they do n
commander-in-chief, and he has demanded that all military units not obey the kiev defense ministry, not to use their weapons, but to follow only his orders. so it's clear that what has been happening today, this encirclement of ukrainian military installations by russian forces appears to have enabled a bloodless power take over here in crimea. and it's one of two things now, it is either a breakaway crimean peninsula, a breakaway region of ukraine, or quite simply a russian protector at. >> all right, let's leave it there. robin. a quick reminder, the crisis and what we started seeing four months ago. that's when protesters turned out in the center of kiev. many are still there now. that was then after the venture president back you had out of ideal with the e.u. instead took a $15 billion loan from russia to help his struggle economy then he was forced out-us job after his allies deserted him. now this trouble in the crimea region it's part of ukraine but the majority of its population are ethnic russian. the russian president vladimir putin says he's protecting them that's led u
numbers to run through quickly. year, last defense struck -- defense spending will increase 12.2%. investment on the physical front will increase 17.7%. late last year, the communist party said they will continue the sixth consecutive year having a proactive fiscal policy. finally, this is a blue sky day in beijing. check it out. take a look. not a single small cloud in the sky. the premier said this morning that the country is going to wage a decisive war against pollution. as someone who lives here, i welcome that war. >> let's continue the conversation about what is happening in china, the targets that he was just talking about. jonathan ferro joins us for more on this story. the headwinds to maintaining these kind of growth rates are becoming bigger and bigger. >> they are. yes, it is the same growth target, but you were coming off an increasingly eger based and it becomes difficult to hit this target. over the last year or so, officials deemphasized the headline number. a lot of were asking the question this morning. how do you hit that target continually and restructure t
, man, edge knows that oscar is innocent. he's taking that as intimidation. today, the defense attorney gave hints on timing. he said to this witness you call security at 3:13 a.m., and that call lasted 58 seconds. then you got to your balcony to continue to witness what was happening at 3:17. oskar eriksson at 3 in the 19:50, you get the idea how precise the timings are becoming now, called for help after he had broken the door down. so what the defense is saying now to this witness. you didn't hear gunshots, you heard oskar eriksson breaking down the bathroom door with a cricket bat when he realized that reeva steenkamp, his girlfriend was shot or wounded inside. and we've had testimony from the fourth witness taking the stand, a professional boxer, friend of oskar eriksson, looked up to him because he was helping him with his diet for his training. talking about how they were in a restaurant just over a year ago. oskar eriksson passed a pistol under the table. he was told there was a bullet in it. the bullet discharged, hit the floor. oscar asking a friend to take the blame for that.
an occupation when these are self-defense forces? these are not russian." that really dampened hopes of any meaningful progress. at least they've talked, and at least it has gone on longer than we thought. the other big news, of course, is the e.u. weighing in with a big financial package, offering $15 billion worth of aid. that comes after yesterday's announcement of a billion dollars of -- of loan guarantees from the u.s. the priority, aside from calming down the security situation in crimea, is, of course, to try and stabilize the ukrainian economy which is in a terrible way with the russians turning the screws still more. the finance ministry here have been frank. they say we've got no money left. the coffers are empty, it's been stolen. also in the east, we've seen more violence, clashes between pro-russian protesters and supporters of the ukrainian government. we've had the -- the government offices there occupied first by the pro-russians, pushed out, and then the pro-ukrainians. and now again today, the pro-russians taking control of that building and putting their flag up. so a pre
has been widely speculated to run for the presidency. he must vacate the position of defense minister in order to run. this week an army backed government made the surprise announcement that it resigned en masse. staying in egypt, a court sentenced 26 people to death this thursday. according to judicial sources they were conveyed it of plotting attacks on ships passing through the suez canal. reports say the defendants were try out -- tried in apps and shia. violence is been on the increase in egypt over the recent years, in particular an islamic -- hasncy has grown up swelled up. expelled three venezuelan this look -- did lament in response to similar action against u.s.-backed and. venezuela's president nicolas maduro expelled three american diplomats february 17 singing it was supporting opposition plots to overthrow him. the development comes after the venezuelan government gets ready to host an international peace conference to address antigovernment unrest. >> a press conference -- and heay, with capriles said he did not want to turn up, did not want to show his face to nicolas
they have [indiscernible] we didn't learn as much as we would have liked about the defense. i'm hoping we will find out a lot more tomorrow night. we will try to get on the front foot and push them back and see how they can defend. we know they have cracks on the counterattack. it is as simple as that. there were no points into the last five minutes of the game. then we decide we are now going to come out and play. we are going to play from the start. >> there will be no farewell appearance before he moves clubs. he has a hamstring injury. kyle walker could return from injury. french international midfielder will remain at paris saint jermaine -- at paris st. germain. he is part of their plans for the future. tennis now. novak djokovic, the defending champion, as cruised into the open,rfinals of the dubai playing his first competitive event since being knocked out of the australian quarterfinals by eventual champion stan wawrinka. next up, russianñgg99Ññwçça7gc
doing massachusetts. the same day that massachusetts came out, this court decided environmental defense versus duke which decided -- even when a defined term is construed a particular way, it doesn't mean the same term can be construed differently where context -- cannot be construed differently where context requires. that is why massachusetts, after indeed holding that the definition of pollutant included greenhouse gases, didn't go there -- stop there. it asked whether applying it to the title ii provisions on motor vehicles would yield extreme measures or counterintuitive results. only then did they direct the epa to apply the definition. they understood that the literal definition of pollutant was sufficiently broad that it should not be applied without some additional analysis of the context of the provisions. >> what else does it cover other than the -- mobile vehicles? >> there are multiple places where it appears in the act. they have interpreted the words, any air pollutant to mean any subset of the pollutants that this definition -- >> that is because the section that it is i
a peaceful resolution. we want to reiterate our concerns to abide by the provisions of the 1994 defense memorandum. we guarantee the sovereignty and integrity of ukraine. we note that the provision calls for the one. this is even more and represents an opportunity to peacefully resolve the current crisis. we are encouraged by indications that government of ukraine is taking steps to ensure political inclusiveness in the governance of the country. we believe this is a prudent way of addressing one of the underlying causes of the disputes and an early return to peace and stability. this remains relevant under the circumstance. we urge all concerned to refrain from provocative action that will precipitate now and in the future. >> i think the representative of nigeria for the statement. i look forward to the representative of the republic of korea. >> thank you, madam president. the republic of korea remained deeply concerned over the situation in ukraine, particularly the escalation of tensions in the crimean region. given the situation, we call on all parties to exercise maximum restrain
was originally due to the plate the hokie defense force the real thing. after much negotiation. the match into a deal on it. in addition the date the site we would not travel with and the federation coldness and set them up to go ahead. i don't know why they change the mind. the match will serve to force the pc in ukraine. according to the country's new sports minister. of the friendliest of the stately cartwright will see to leave madrid while russia and to take home mimi at the craft. england take on debt market wednesday and france that little optional holdings in the french capital local hopes for sale or inaction against south africa and one of the funnest it seems to brazil belgium lady i prepared the cookies taking down fast ahead of the football world cup in brazil. but with one hundred days to get to full real estate uses still under construction and infrastructure problems says sharon about caffeine the general secretary admit it there's a lot of what to do. the fee for a working to two hundred kilometers per hour the cobalt set will accept remains as optimistic as ever. fifteen
defense budget, increasing it by 12.2%. its military funding second only to the united states. the u.s. announced it would shrink its military, reducing troop numbers, $496 billion. at 114 billion. the budget pales in comparison. it will increase that to $132 billion, on top of a 10% increase in military spending. that budget announcement. protesters outside the conference were quickly driven away. rob mcdried is in tena man square. >> this meeting is important nonetheless as a sounding board for the current administration. the delegates are listening to this, the work reports delivered by the premier, outlaying what the chinese leader has been up to, what it will do, and the deepening, economic and social reforms which are important to china's protests, as it continues forward with liberalizing the economy, reducing power of the state mon ol lis and putting -- mon op lis and putting into power those sources of social discontent. and tackling china's growing pollution problem. underpinning china's importance, outlining the military spending. that surprised some people. china would ar
in as little as 15 minutes. but the defense says kennedy made an honest mistake and that the prosecution has not proven its case. >> hopefully the jury will agree. >> reporter: in a case where no one disputes the facts, it will all come down to kennedy's judgment. >> the issue ultimately will be whether she realized that she was under the influence of ambien and yet continued to drive. >> reporter: if convicted, kennedy could lose some driving privileges. she also faces up to a year in jail. it's unlikely she'd actually serve they time, though, because she doesn't have a record. kennedy has pleaded not guilty and the trial could continue through the week. robin? >> all right, mara, thanks very much. >>> to the latest on the mysterious shooting of a prominent new york real estate tycoon and political power broker at his castle, one of the biggest private homes in the u.s. gary melius says he has no idea who would want to harm him. abc's gio benitez has that story for us. >> reporter: this morning, with his would-be assassin on the loose, the owner of one of america's largest and most exclusiv
key for the u.s., allies on the western border, allies we have defense agreements with. and really the front of an east-west pull, not a cold war necessarily but cold war-like. >> let's role play. i'm russia. you guys let's just game out how this goes forward. the state of play is i went in. they want me there. this is my place. i have military there. you butt out. these days are over of me not being able to expand, they want me, there i'm there. they are unstable, not me. talking about the ukraine. what's the best response from west? >> first of all the united states has to get on the same page with the european allies and that's the challenge because those european allies have depended on that russian gas. russia has more leverage or them than we do, especially germany. when the u.s. went out and said maybe we'll kick russia out of the g-8 the germans said no, we're not on that. obama's first challenge is unify the european allies, take leadership over that and figure out what they can do. if russia can divide with american allies we can't exercise much loench. >> strong point es
of the defense business. more importantly, the 350 numbers looked lower than anticipated. this is the new twin aisle that is going to -- the dreamliner, that looks better than anticipated. >> let's start with the a350 number. 434 comes in at around million euros. the charges relating to the development of that lane, this one is set to go head-to-head with the dreamliner. it is meant to go into service this year. the dreamliner is already in service. the other number is on restructuring. after making the commercial blaine -- plain business the focus, they are cutting jobs in the defense unit. putting those together is costing them money, weighing on profit. there was a 292 million euro charge. there was a ride range of forecast for these numbers. shrug it off to some extent, down about 0.6% right now. three .5% inh as early trading. >> thank you very much indeed. john ferro with the latest on airbus. the group finance chief is on surveillance later on. tom keene and the team will be interviewing him. let's get a related take on this. the editor in chief of monocle, something of a plane buff i w
they should be the first line of defense. but i don't rule out monetary policy. >> just if i could -- thank you very much for that detailed response. we were just in listondon meeti with regulators there. i know there's a concern about balkization in our markets, i know there was some discussion of trying to address that with the trade agreement but i think it's an issue that does need to be addressed, and i realize the fed will take in majorly with that. and the final point, the orderly liquidation entitle was put together and a lot of us worked on together and i'm proud of that title too. and it's not exactly the way any of us would like for us to be. even though it was orderly liquidation, i think the federal -- fdic realized when they went through the process the entities are so intertwined there's really not a way to totally liquidate. instead coming in single entry to the holding company. one of the things we all have concern about is making sure if we're going to use the process, and i think it's sound personally, that we ensure there's enough debt at the holding company level. other
gun indictments from previous incidents. pistorius' defense team said that last year's shooting was an accident. >> the fatal gunshot wounds to reeva, this occurrence was indeed an accident and i mistakenly believed that an intrude are or intruders had entered my home and posed an imminent threat to reeva and me. >> nick, what's the latest? >> reporter: kyra, if you wanted to get a sense of how this is all going to play out over the next few weeks, this afternoon would have told you everything. pistorius' defense lawyer, barry rue ripping into the witness there, michelle burger, questioning her time and again, how many shots, how did you hear them? what did you hear the screaming? what did your husband hear? your husband heard something different? he accused her of, you are adapting, you are speculating, you are closing the gap, all but telling her she is getting wrong, trying to inject an element of doubt in her testimony. she started off as a nervous witness. she started off speaking her native african. she finished the afternoon speaking in english standing up to that severe
official that the defense team, the national security team met today to talk over what is happening in ukraine and discuss options. we don't have a sense yet of what they are thinking because this is all happening behind closed doors, we may get insight tomorrow morning when defense second chuck hagel makes his rounds on the sunday talk shows, he'll be on cbs "face the nation." watch to get insid insight ther. everybody though the white house is staying mum we are hearing from members of congress including remembe republican ofa senator john mccain he expressed deep concern over the potential military intervention by russia. and he said, i call on president obama to rally our european and nato allies to make clear what costs russia will face for its aggression and to imposing toss consequences without further delay. senator mccain we want onto say that every moment the u.s. and its allies don't respond, gives putin the signal that he can be, quote, more ambitious and more aggressive. we are also hearing tough talk from house armed services chairman buck mckeon, he put out a statemen
forces though to say that they are on high and that to the defense minister tried to reassure ukrainians this evening that they have what it takes to counter the potential in russian intervention of other expats disputes that name name of the prime minister us in the us and europe said that said he hopes the dress is in custody and ukraine would not go any further than it has already done with it. if that it's not very many would mean wall and the end of diplomatic relations between russia and ukraine in the same press conference he had also reached out to ukrainians in the south and east of the country the russian speaking regions saying that the ukraine protects all its citizens regardless of the night which they speak or what to say perfected gutsy and that there's no need to see reviewed this new government said in the kitties any kind of threat to russian speakers there was a sensible them it is like in a different areas all of the country because it very much varies from one region to the next. just how people are feeling right now of course the areas that people are watching it th
and only thirteen percent defense company said that they were there they were making in the maiden from stable at rt when they did their part to sing where you were you surprised by the snow began when i was not so surprise because then when you talk to purchasing professionals at the minute it took about twenty of the particle from. you talk about nutrition that the above cost reduction. you talk about dreams of a supplier that biting in your own country doesn't make any sense for them then the chart to ride europe and when you need to rest. his body look always looks the main point that it has some type of business when the shore into building business on tuesday you will buy you a call. because you have to prove it. some products you offer to buy the road in us. the sauce and french companies compared with that other countries send companies in france since the day many will be enough to stay. it was interesting because your nose and say that you do what we can pick a choice of biting in france. yup tomorrow is the best products. on the other way in us the awesome scene called by the
out of the west stands by what he calls a legitimate defense russia's interests front of the first remarks since the ouster of ukraine's president of moscow's use to you. ukrainian cancel out the specific afp us secretary of state calls russia stands an act of aggression. he's worried about things for them dressed in eastern ukraine washington back in the ukrainian authorities to the billion dollar aid. and in other news cairo bands hamas has activities on so well this is the head of egypt's on the drops his strongest hint yet that is running for prez. all are sure has put a military maneuvers across its border on hold. there's been the first talks between unity government says ukraine and russia high level contacts the announcement coming by ukraine's prime minister art sydney. he gets a new hours after a surprise press conference by vladimir putin the russian president's first pronouncements since the pair were twenty second ouster of ukraine's president viktor yanukovich. they use in weekend that preceded the smallest especially the eastern regions of ukraine and people that au
, when the current crisis began, the government sent its former chief of defense to the region to try to defuse the situation. a second emissary was prevented from entering the crimean rada to engage in discussions. and it is why ukrainian authorities have repeatedly reached out to russia. russia needs to reciprocate and begin to engage directly with the government of ukraine. i note that russia has implied a right to take military action in the crimea if invited to do so by the prime minister of crimea. as the government of russia well knows, this has no legal basis. the prohibition on the use of force would be rendered moot were sub-national authorities able to unilaterally invite military intervention by a neighboring state. under the ukrainian constitution, only the ukrainian rada can approve the presence of foreign troops. if we are concerned about the rights of russian-speaking minorities, the united states is prepared to work with russia and this council to protect them. we have proposed and wholeheartedly support the immediate deployment of international observers and monitors
nervous. and then we do the economic stuff, we say the defense budget. the same day the russians were saying when negotiating with new bases around the world and we will restore and revitalize the military base in the former soviet union. and then the third thing is start hitting them economically. putin has played a long game here. he wrote his graduate dissertation on how russia was going to be great again. it was going to use the economic weapon, build pipelines to europe and sell europe natural gas and therefore have clinical control. big oil revenues and windfall to pay for everything. we can go and tell them we are now going to reverse that. we're going to underwrite terminals in western europe, so the new natural gas exports can go to europe. we will talk to the central european, that whole region. we're going to help you develop that. what does it do to the price of oil? you can go down 20%. charles: to your point, russia's economy over the last ten years have been something of a jog or not. >> it will not last forever. we will put a roadblock in every single way. you do not g
targeted so far. you'll be let out of prison. i danced and the defense question regarding be the peace offering and in the negotiations. the reason that anyone should be reminded they had found that a democratic institution of the constitution was established by a consensus at smb which is the most connected to or a way of actual jousting competition into a more democratic princes and the french constitution which gives enormous powers to the president and has no sort of counter power possibly for the national assembly or less and less the people to hand it to haul the president accountable. venezuela has been up to the medication causes which means its seats in may the pressing you i mean it would be crazy and we would be very happy to have an account changes in venezuela and the more than five hundred people behind bars for those people be let out of jail. i have been in the sun maybe others know that me and as i was going on it leads even if violence the basic is a country where the news that the democratic means of being in opposition exists after the opposition maybe the day at th
. of not promoting any more tension through provocative actions. >> that is defense secretary chuck hagel this morning on the situation in ukraine. the white house has announced its first direct response to russia's military sbrerngs. the u.s. is suss spending preparation in the preparatory meeting for the g-8 summit set to take place this june in sochi, russia. lincoln bring in beth flewy. and the costs, can they accept action and if so, what might be that be? >> it was like when i was covering the 2008 and russia went to war with georgia. president busch at the time was talking about cost. senator mccain was talking about cost. senator mccain said we're all georgians. now a couple days ago, he said we're all ukrainians now. i don't think what more the president can do, president obama. he can pull out of the g-8. he's suspended participation as you said but not fully for that. he could do that. he's not going to go to war with the ukraine. there's no support for that in this country. he has to be more measured to the bellicose members of congress or people watching this would like him t
to come to their defense. broader sanctions are not likely because russia holds veto power as a member of the security council. >> the white house is looking at economic, political and diplomatic options. the g7 says it suspended planning for a summit in sochi. what else could we expect. we could have clues from the russia-georgian war, two regions trying to break away. n.a.t.o. and u.s. protested. that area is now virtually under russia's control. we may have answers on tuesday when john kerry visits. timothy fry is with columbia university, and lincoln mitchell is the author of the book "the colour revolutions." let me ask you: are we facing another cold war here? >> i don't think we are facing a cold war. there's a number of complex issues. there's a rush to try to think of short-term solutions that will solve the problem. these are difficult issues that will take a long time to resolve. i don't think we are reaching the level of a cold war. >> what do we do moving forward here? >> a lot of options presented - these are probably necessary and almost certainly not sufficient. one of
the day and reestablish the standards because people in government and the state department and defense department pay attention to what voters know. voters go see movies and read books. as we understand more about the story, i believe the answer simple. there is no passage of time that changes the character of theft. if we can determine a work of art is stolen, it shouldn't matter it took 60 years to find it out. it should be returned. >> host: if you cannot get through on the phone lines, contact us on twitter #booktv is the tag. and from our facebook page is this question: while we all agree stolen art should be returned. how fast back in history should we go? the peacock throne returned to india? also how do you how do you respond to the argument that taking the rosetta stone protected it from local thieves or neglect. >> guest: that is a great question. it is slippery slope when we go back before world war ii. we can be proud of the works of art here have been donated or acquired through funds donated to the national gallery. there is no art that is coming in as a result of the un
and a russian defense official is discussing ukraine with nato members in brussels as well. so, in this swirl of diplomacy russia's and the west's end games are beginning to emerge. washington and berlin are pushing a plan that would include international observers to replace the russian or pro-russian forces in crimea direct talks between moscow and kiev and new elections in may. now, the russians on the other hand, want to see a return of the ousted ukrainian leader victor yanukovych, he would head a national unity government and new elections in december. so, there's a gulf between these two sides. clearly. and that will be whittled down perhaps over the next number of days, but at least, carl they are talking again. and, by the way, if that doesn't work, don't expect to see russian forces pulling back in crimea anytime soon that could become the new norm. back to you, carl. >> one question, you know, you talk about the presence of the pro-russian forces. is it the sense where you are that putin blinked as "usa today" puts it today or that he simply quit while he was
be. >> remarks come as nato defense ministers are meeting in brussels this week to discuss afghanistan. according to the latest tally from the associated press, 2174 members of u.s. military have died in afghanistan as a result of the u.s.-led invasion. a new report from doctors without borders finds one in four people in afghanistan have lost a relative or close friend of violence in the last year alone. currently make up the largest population of refugees in the world, but they are poised to be surpassed by syrians. according to the united nations, the number of syrian refugees could pass 4 million by the end of this year. voteders in france have to indefinitely extend the country's military intervention in central african republic. troops from france and the african union so far have been unable to staunch sectarian bloodshed between muslim rebels in question vigilantes. three months ago, france named its mission in central african republic after a butterfly, assuming it would have a short lifespan. in the latest violence, christian fighters reportedly killed 70 people o
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